New work by Paula Rowan inspired by all things fluffy and fabulous

The Wild Side

The Wild Side

A nurse and self-taught artist brought up in the beautiful village of Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders, Paula’s passion for drawing and anything creative started very early on in life.

Her style and techniques have evolved over the years with each piece of work helping the artist to learn and progress.

Inspired by all things ‘Fluffy and Fabulous’, this new work showcases a lifelong love of animals and nature.

Paula works to build layers of acrylics, creating depth and colour, texture and movement. She also blends pastels to soften, creating that lustrous fur and finally adding embellishments of gold leaf to capture that unique character and sparkle of life.

A sanctuary… an escape from the stresses of day-to-day life. I can get lost in my world of creativity for hours at a time. I hope that my love of animals and nature shines through with each piece of work.’

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When & where

Date: Aug 03 - Oct 26

Borders Textile Towerhouse

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Free – donations welcome