The Winning Edge: Sport in Berwickshire Exhibition

The Winning Edge: Sport in Berwickshire Exhibition

Football, rugby, hockey… running, swimming, cycling… curling, tennis, bowls… golf, quoits, darts… riding, racing, angling… cricket, hand ba’ and more… the people of Berwickshire have always been passionate about participating in and watching sport. While its geographic location may be on the periphery, for many sportsmen and women this has contributed towards finding ‘the winning edge’. In an Olympic year this exhibition features a variety of rare photos, trophies, memorabilia and select ‘moments in time’ – reliving the high points, quirks and personal experiences of local sporting endeavour down the decades.

From great champions and famous underdog results to the gentler tempo of social and recreational games, this exhibition brings to life the occasions, venues and personalities which have all contributed to the rich tapestry of local sporting life. Medieval ball games and Georgian field sports give way to Victorian team events and twentieth century motor racing, but ever constant are the people who make both the games and the glory.

Several local sports have passed forgotten into history, many have receded from their heydays, while others remain at the forefront of county and town life – sometimes even ingrained into perceptions of our community identities. Be inspired by historic achievements and contemporary past-times as you discover Berwickshire’s own sporting ‘winning edge’.

When & where

Date: Jun 21 - Aug 18

Coldstream Museum

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Free – Donations Welcome