Old Gala House

Set in beautifully maintained grounds near the centre of Galashiels, Old Gala House is an impressive building dating back to 1583. Once home to the Lairds of Galashiels with over 400 years of history, the house is now a vibrant museum and gallery which tells the story of the town and its people.





As well the Museum, it features several exhibition spaces which showcase a very busy and varied programme of contemporary arts and crafts-touring exhibitions

The Thomas Clapperton Room is dedicated to locally-born sculptor Thomas Clapperton (1879-1962), famous for the London Liberty Store frieze and ‘Border Reiver’ war memorial. It contains superb examples of his work as well as information about his background

The Pringle Café and Gallery is open throughout the day, with a Gift Shop, free wifi and a variety of refreshments

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Admission to Old Gala House is free.



Sat 30 March - Sat 18 May
Scottish Landscapes 
Thomas Ewing

Ewing’s paintings are predominantly of the world around him, taking inspiration from Edinburgh to the Borders, from the towns to the woods, and the big skies over the Forth. For Ewing landscape is eternal, and forever changing, throughout the seasons it is coloured with the most vibrant light, and the deepest dark.

Sat 25 May - Sun 14 July
Line in the Landscape
Jill Macleod

Jill’s interpretation of a landscape typically emphasises an object or a line sketched, photographed or how Jill remembers the landscape. By working in this way, common perceptions of traditional landscape paintings are distorted and transformed. Clearly defined objects are given more, or less, emphasis in the space they occupy within the painting leading to a stronger focus on composition.

Sat 20 July - Sun 1 September
On the Path: A Journey of Artistic Endeavor 
Linda Foster

Linda has a passion for watercolour and water-based media. The flow of the liquid pigment and the interaction between the different media continue to fascinate Linda. Her main influences are the wide sweeps of mountains, moorland and sea and looking at the details contained therein. This, coupled with the alchemy of watercolours, has excited and inspired Linda throughout her life.

Sat 7 September - Thu 31 October
Wind Eye 
Montse Herrera

This exhibition is to open a window to the viewers’ memories. Montse does not seek to represent a recognisable landscape. Taking her inspiration from the existing relationship between landscape, the body, the feelings, and the memory, Montse tries to create an interaction and a dialogue between her art work, the viewers, and their own memories.


Sat 30 March - Sun 9 June
Old Gala Club goes to…the Office 

A fascinating exhibition of photographs, ledgers, account books and office equipment donated to the Old Gala Club before the age of computers and electronic calculators.

Sat 15 June - Sun 18 August
Tom Scott RSA 

A selection of Tom Scott paintings drawn from the Scottish Borders Fine Art collection. Tom Scott was a Scottish painter known for his watercolours of Selkirk and the Scottish borderlands, famously depicting the mountainous landscapes, unique architecture, and cultural history of the area.

Sat 24 August - Wed 31 October
Dirty Earth 
Bonnie Fairbrass

Working with clay allows a multitude of thoughts and ideas to develop at a fast pace to produce real, accessible art that needs no explanation to enjoy. Each piece in this series represents a journey of self-discovery, rebalancing, and reawakening, as a human, a woman and an artist.


Sat 30 March - Sat 5 May
FACETS - WASPS Group Show 
FACETS [definition: separate elements of something many sided, particularly a cut gem] brings together the work of 12 artists based at WASPS Studios in Selkirk, who have diverse practices and approaches. A rare opportunity to see a group show from the studios, the exhibition includes painting, photo collage, mosaics, sculpture and 3D Artist Books. Artists are Tim Anderson, John Berry, Felicity Bristow, Jim Douglas, Liz Douglas, Alex Hain, Rob Hain, Fiona Miller, Mary Morrison, Joy Parker, Colin Philip and Alan Richmond.

Sat 11 May - Sun 9 June
Galashiels Studio Club Annual Exhibition 

The Annual Exhibition of Galashiels Studio Club features the work of members, professional local artists and the winners of the Young Artist Award from Galashiels Academy. Landscapes, still life, portraits and abstracts will be featured in this exciting, varied exhibition which displays the talent of new and well-known Border artists.

Sat 15 June - Sun 28 July
Drawn Together 
Lida Hatrick & Katharine Prentice

A joint exhibition with two established local artists. Lida likes working en plein air, exploring the rich variety of the Scottish Borders landscapes looking at the nature of recollection and visual memory using calligraphic marks learnt in childhood and inspired by landscape. Katharine has worked as a botanical artist for many years, and also works in the landscape with a focus on plants, lichens and trees in locations around her home and Berwickshire.

Sat 3 August - Thu 31 October
Nordic by Nature: Modern Design and Prints 
A British Museum Partnership Exhibition
The atmospheric aurora borealis, frozen landscapes and natural materials such as birch have long influenced designers and artists from Nordic lands. This exhibition features post-war design and prints from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark that truly express the culture, nature and identity of the north.


Sat 30 March - Sat 18 May
Scotland Rocks 

A fascinating look at the amazing geology and stunning fossils that make up the varied landscape of the Scottish Borders. Exploring the events that forged our land, to how Hutton discovered the ‘Theory of the Earth’ which shaped our current understanding of the physical history of the earth.

Sat 25 May - Sun 14 July
New Horizons 
Tina Holley

Award winning watercolour artist Tina Holley is known for her painstaking detail and for her fascination with the effects of light on landscape. Focusing on water, trees and atmospheres, Tina has painted professionally at home and abroad for over twenty years. Having now settled in the Scottish Borders she is enjoying exploring and painting a whole new landscape.

Sat 20 July - Sun 1 September
Land Lover 
Rachel Hunter

Primarily a landscape artist, Rachel Hunter starts with a random base of acrylic or poster paint before letting an image emerge, often relating to the landscapes and archaeology of Scotland. She aims to evoke the sense of a particular place in her work. Rachel completes her pictures using pen, charcoal and pastel.

Sat 7 September - Thu 31 October
Text Seeds and Random Weeds 
Cate Ryan

A commemorative exhibition for Keith ‘Rin’ Ryan, Cate’s late soul-mate, and inspiration. Cate is inspired by lost and found, people, place and time. Seeds of ideas, debris of the imagination, myth and memory. Things dredged from deep waters, taking root elsewhere. The stuff of dreams. Those weeds we treasure - and seeds blown away. New paintings, drawings and writing, using mixed media.

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Access and Facilities

Wheelchair access to the ground floor. Disabled access to the upper floor is limited and is via a stair lift. Facilities, including disabled toilet, are located on the ground floor. Guide dogs allowed.


Free private car parking at the front of the building.

The building also serves as an events venue all year round hosting meetings, workshops, weddings, conferences and more. The well tended gardens feature a waterfall and fountain making it a perfect location for relaxing in peaceful surroundings. For more details contact venues@liveborders1.org.uk

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