CABN Update

Live Borders are fully committed to supporting the creative sector and consequently regret the distress and inconvenience we have unintentionally caused with regards to our recent communications regarding the future of CABN.

It was never our intention to exclude the sector from a deep and meaningful debate or force an unexpected end to the valuable work of CABN. What is clear following feedback from partners and the wider sector is that we have got ahead of ourselves, pre-empting the outcome of the independent evaluation report commissioned to report on the successes and opportunities of CABN in the future. We should not have done so. We apologise unreservedly for any distress and inconvenience caused.

A transition period is now proposed while we await the evaluation report on the project, thereafter we will engage further with the creative sector on the future for CABN.

We welcome a deep, meaningful and inclusive dialogue with the sector and other stakeholders on what the best direction and structure for the future of CABN could be and we hope that this update can alleviate any concerns. Please be assured that no irreversible decisions have been made that will have any adverse impact on a positive creative future for the Region.