Live Borders Outreach Wows!

Live Borders Outreach Wows with Positive Reviews!

Highlighting Live Borders’ unique portfolio of venues and services, staff have been sharing captivating stories and promoting a variety of exciting opportunities at recent events across the country.

As part of the charity’s museum outreach work, Kenny McLean – Learning and Engagement Officer at the Jim Clark Motorsport Museum in Duns – delivered the first in a series of talks arranged by the Grampian Transport Museum (GTM) on 14 September.

A sell-out audience of around 70 people attended the informative talk which was followed by a question and answer session and opportunity to view a line-up of classic 1960s cars. Visitors could also purchase a variety of books, magazines and DVDs selected from the Jim Clark Motorsport Museum shop, providing an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the award-winning Live Borders’ venue.

“Great talk at GTM last night – the place was packed and the reaction we got at the end was tremendous, lots of congratulations and “what’s next?” questions on top of the smiles,” said Roddy Matheson, Grampian Transport Museum trustee. “We very much appreciate Kenny coming to Alford to talk about Jim Clark, a man who remains a hero to many even 55 years after his tragic death.”

Jim Clark is widely regarded as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. The Jim Clark Motorsport Museum celebrates his life and career in both motorsport and farming through a fascinating interactive experience. For more information: https://www.liveborders.org.uk/culture/museums/our-museums/jim-clark-motorsport-museum/

Promoting the charity to a younger audience, representatives from Live Borders attended a Careers Fair at Jedburgh Grammar Campus – one of many they’ll attend during the careers fair season – to talk about the organisation and what it does, and to promote its diverse range of job opportunities. Over the course of the day they spoke to over 60 students.

For more information about Live Borders’ job opportunities, go to: https://www.liveborders.org.uk/about-us/jobs/

Elsewhere, and building on its previous success, Live Borders’ Arts & Creativity team are once again running the Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award (VACMA), offering small grants to visual artists and craft makers for their creative development.

“We are really excited to be delivering this with our partners across the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, and Creative Scotland to give bursaries of £500 – £750 to our local artists and craft makers, wherever they are in their career,” said Jason Moyes, Senior Creative Programming Officer, Live Borders. “This award helps them to develop their practice and supports so many creative people in our community to do things like taking part in artist residencies, learn new skills applicable to their practice, or to build a body of work for an exhibition. The cascading effect of receiving this award punches way above its weight and is something we are incredibly proud to be a part of.”

To easily access Live Borders services – from swim, gym and fitness, to exhibitions, live music, comedy and entertainment, to kids’ holiday activities – download the charity’s new App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now.

To visit the website and for more information about what’s on, visit: www.liveborders.org.uk