2000x770 Outline

Outline by Mooie Scott

A new and exciting visual art exhibition is coming to the beautiful Tweeddale Gallery on the High street in Peebles! Find out more in this blog post featuring local artist Mooie Scott and her new exhibition ‘Outline’ which opens on 25 May.


Mooie studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London. Over the years, her work has included soil, peat, tar, rubbish and vegetation.

This series of paintings emerges from the landscape. The canvases have been laid out on murky tracks, in burns and woodlands over several weeks or months, becoming saturated and immersed in the terrain. As a result, the environment is printed directly onto each canvas. These marks are a template onto which painting, drawing and collage then evolve.

Phoebe Stewart, our Assistant Curator, said of the exhibition, “We’re thrilled to be showcasing Mooie Scott’s artwork. Her work focuses on the workings of nature which lends itself so well to the beautiful Tweeddale Gallery. As a charity, we want to help make lives healthier, happier and stronger, which Mooie’s work definitely inspires.”

The exhibition, ‘Outline’ runs from 25 May to 6 July 2019. Admission to the gallery is free, but donations are welcome.


Tweeddale Museum and Gallery opening times:

Monday to Friday 10:30 – 12:30 and 13:00 – 16:00

Saturday 9.30 – 12.30

Sunday – Closed


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