2000x770 Roman bronzes

Roman Bronzes at Melrose

Local archaeological finds known as the ‘Ruberslaw Hoard’, discovered not far from the village of Denholm in 1863, are on display at the Trimontium Museum in Melrose this summer and autumn until the end of October!

The Hoard consists of the remains of several cooking skillets (known at the time as ‘paterae’); the handle of a decorated jug; and a pair of bronze pans. (Several similar hoards of Roman bronze metalwork have been found north of Hadrian’s Wall.) In 1863, a workman digging field drains on the south side of the summit of Ruberslaw Hill discovered what is now referred to as the ‘Ruberslaw Hoard’, not far from the remains of an Iron Age fort atop the hill on the south side of the River Teviot, just south of Denholm. The items were placed in Hawick Museum in 1888.

The Ruberslaw Hoard was last displayed approximately four years ago at Hawick Museum as part of a special exhibition on the Romans. Since then, the bronze artefacts have been in storage in our very own Hawick Museum.

It is fitting that the pieces are on display at the Trimontium Museum as it is the only museum in Scotland dedicated to the Romans, featuring many objects from other local excavations, including pottery, gaming pieces, tools used by soldiers to build the fort, remains of Roman glassmaking, and a 228-silver coin hoard.

At the Trimontium Museum, visitors can glimpse what life was like for the people living at the frontier of the Roman Empire. The museum is also a focus for school visits, guided walks, and a series of spring and autumn lectures. The museum is managed by the Trimontium Trust, a volunteer-led organisation which seeks to tell the story of Roman Scotland and the mysteries of the Roman fort, Trimontium (whose name reflects the nearby three Eildon Hills).

Fiona Colton,  our Museums, Galleries and Archives Manager, said, “We hope that many people will enjoy seeing this historically significant Hoard while it is in Melrose. At Live Borders, one of our aims as a charity is to make lives happier, which we hope coming to this wonderful exhibition will achieve.”

‘Ruberslaw Hoard at Trimontium Museum’ runs from 21 April – 31 October at Trimontium Museum, Market Square, Melrose.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 10:30 – 16:30. Closed Sunday.

Admission: Adults £2, Students £1, Family £5. A return visit by card within the year is free of charge. No booking required. For enquiries, call 01896 822 651

For more information, visit www.trimontium.co.uk.

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