Theatre at Heart of Hawick

We are what we build around us…

Following a well-received run in 2015 with their production Threads, director Muriel Romanes and writer Sylvia Dow, Sylvian Productions, will once again come together in Heart of Hawick to stage their latest production, STUFF.

A moving story, STUFF explores the hoarding of memories, emotions and things. The play centres around Magda, who must find a way to deal with the constant shifting of stuff in her home and her head when the council come to clear her house.

As the process evolves Magna revisits the past and struggles with the present to find a way to face the future. The play is told with tenderness aimed at resonating a view in our attachment to things and our need for attachment to each other.

Scotland’s most acclaimed artist, John Byrne, re-joins the team, bringing his own inimitable style to the set design for STUFF – a collaboration that also saw success in productions of The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy and The Air that Carries the Weight.

Muriel and Sylvia are looking forward to bringing their new production to us at Heart of Hawick,  which holds fond memories for both. Muriel, when Artistic Director of Stellar Quines, had a long history of successful productions at the theatre, and both look back with pleasure at the year-long knitting project they created in and for Hawick which led to their previous play together, Threads.

They feel that STUFF will strike a chord with many in its resonant look at hoarding of things, emotions and secrets, and its effect on family and relationships.

“It’s a tender and quite emotional exploration of the subject without in any way being sentimental or sensationalist,” said Muriel. “I think everyone can find things to recognise in it.”

Our manager at the theatre, Sophy, says ‘We are thrilled to be putting on Sylvia Dow’s clever production, with its touching and insightful portrayal of a really contemporary issue. At Heart of Hawick we always try to engage with new audiences and isolated voices, and this play really does justice to those who suffer from anxiety and stress through hoarding (or know someone else who does).”

Heart of Hawick presents STUFF on Thursday, October 25 at 19:30 (doors open at 19:00), tickets are £14 (£12) and available by calling the box office on 01450 360688.

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