Ewan Jackson

An update from our CEO

10 April 2020

In just a few short weeks since I last wrote to you everyday life has changed dramatically.

The profound effect of coronavirus has created staggering consequences on lives, families, businesses and our day to day freedom which perhaps we now realise just how important and significant that is to us.

Here at Live Borders we have been working hard to support our communities by deploying staff to contribute in supporting key workers and their families with a strategy of preparedness, action and togetherness. However, even with all our standard preparations in place and quick adjustments, the fact remains that this is a complex and unprecedented event, which means that our path through has been unpredictable, there is no instruction manual for how to feel at a time like this, and I know this causes stress for everyone.

Live Borders has contributed to our communities in various ways in response to the coronavirus crisis. A great example of this is our support of the Educational Hubs across the region. Many of our colleagues have provided invaluable support to these Hubs offering a haven for the children of essential workers and also to vulnerable children. The Director of Education acknowledged at a recent Covid19 Crisis meeting  the positive impact of Live Borders staff to the health and wellbeing of children needing our support and kindness. I am very proud of my colleagues who have been involved in this element of the response.

Financially protecting our staff, and protecting their safety is also of paramount importance to us, we can only make positive contributions if we stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus. Consequently, as the need for our support diminishes due to the phenomenal amount of members of the public offering themselves for support therefore boosting the supply of volunteers, we are following UK and Scottish Government guidance and addressing our own position.

Reducing our services naturally means we are unable to operate, we will have a limited number of core people who will support our business and ensure it remains strong in anticipation of the welcomed slow easing back to life as we have known and welcome. We are still here for you and you can contact us through email on hello@liveborders.org.uk.

I am proud and inspired by the way our company and my colleagues have risen to this challenge – with flexibility, resilience, courage – and a caring heart.

I would like to conclude by thanking you for your patience and forbearance as we manage our way through this pandemic. It remains fast moving, dynamic and a challenging time for all of us. I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure that we come out of this crisis in as strong a position as we can delivering the great services I know you value.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. I know that we’re going to get through this, together.

Ewan Jackson


Live Borders