Working with Wood

Local members of the Scottish Furniture Makers Association have joined forces with Forestry Commission Scotland to create a unique exhibition at St Ronan’s Wells Visitors Centre in Innerleithen.

Working with Wood: A Foresters Choice will be on display until August 26.

Creations by Rob Elliot, Colin Semple, Alasdair Wallace, Louise Miller and Graeme Murray and Graeme Murdoch all feature in the display which highlights local people creating unique pieces at high quality with local wood.

Graham Murdoch’s side table has a unique ‘fleckie’ beech top – only one such tree has ever been recorded with this timber.

Forestry Commission Scotland forester Iain Laidlaw said: “I was really flattered to be asked to help pull together such a fine collection of unique furniture from some of our best local makers.

“We are lucky in the Scottish Borders to have such a dedicated band of talented woodworkers who specialise in making the most of the beautiful timber we grow here.

“The Borders produces increasing amounts of timber and as a forester I really appreciate the role these guys play in adding value locally to some of our most interesting timber.

“Visitors to the exhibition can’t fail to be impressed by the skills involved in turning a diverse range of local timbers into an equally wide range of beautiful furniture items and styles.”

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