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Customers highly likely to recommend Live Borders

Live Borders, the culture and sport trust in the Scottish Borders, has received very positive marks in a recent survey of customers. Customers said they would be very likely to recommend Live Borders’ facilities and services to other people.

Live Borders runs facilities and services across the Scottish Borders including swimming pools, libraries, gyms, archive, arts and creativity, sports development, halls, venues, museums and galleries.  The organisation received an average score of +42 on a scale of -100 to +100 which is considered very positive. Over 1,000 customer responses were received to the survey.

The research was conducted by Live Borders’ independent research partners Scotinform Ltd.

Customers were asked how likely they were to recommend the Live Borders services and facilities they had used in the last 6 months to other people.  This information was calculated into a Net Promoter Score (NPS).  NPS is an index ranging from -100 to +100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company's products or services to others.

Ewan Jackson, Live Borders Chief Executive said: “We are delighted that our Live Borders customers have given our services and facilities such a positive rating. To have received over 1,000 responses is also very encouraging and shows how passionate Borderers are in the wide range of services and facilities we offer.

“While the feedback shows strong satisfaction with our services and facilities, we recognise that improvements can be made and the feedback produced through this piece of research can now be used to make operational improvements. 

“We work with numerous partners and thousands of customers. As a relatively young organisation only 18 months into our development we’re very pleased with the engagement to date but we know there are sectors out there we can learn more from. Our customers’ opinions are very important to us and we will continue to seek the input of customers on an ongoing basis.”

Live Borders continues to source customer input on the organisation's services and facilities on an ongoing basis.  Much of this research is conducted through a growing Live Borders panel, where customers sign up to be contacted for their feedback.  To find out more about joining the panel please complete this survey.