Artstore is a community equipment resource to support arts and cultural activity in the Scottish Borders.

What can Artstore be used for?

  • Staging a show
  • Screening a film
  • Mounting an exhibition

What is in Artstore?

  • A portable lighting rig
  • A mobile cinema system
  • An exhibition system
  • Theatre equipment

Who can use Artstore?

The Artstore community equipment resource is open to the following organisations:

  • Local arts and cultural groups
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Public sector organisations (like the Council, Tourist Board and Enterprise Company)
  • Schools
  • Private companies for charitable work

Find out more

The Artstore technician can offer advice on the use of kit to meet your requirements. If you wish to make a booking or request further information please contact us.

Arts Development Artstore Address: St Mary’s Mills Level Crossing Road, Selkirk, TD7 5EW Tel: 01750 726400