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Live Borders Creative Workshops

Our creative workshops offer opportunities to learn new skills in performing and visual arts, develop existing interests, connect with others or explore future training and employment options.

These workshops are designed with wellbeing in mind and can help participants to feel more confident, relaxed and happy as a result of taking part. Every session is facilitated by an experienced artist or creative practitioner and they are safe spaces for self-expression which we endeavour to make accessible to all.

We are currently seeking creative practitioners who are interested leading workshops with us. We are open to proposals from artists, designers, musicians, actors and everyone in between! Practitioners at any stage of their career are welcome to apply and all creatives who work with us are paid in alignment with Scottish Artist Union rates. Interested? Email today.


Alison Kurke – Mess With The Dress
Borders Textile Towerhouse
Saturday 15 June 10.30 – 13:30
£14 per person

The workshop offers participants hand-made paper dress elements and a paper surface on which to assemble a collage that might include or feature that provided element. The aim is to experiment with different types of paper in various arrangements and to leave with one or more finished small collage pieces.

Many types of paper, text, and images will be supplied and attendees are encouraged to bring paper supplies they favour to add.

Most of these items will be supplied but if you can participants are asked to bring:

*a straight edge (metal is best)
*a preferred cutting tool – either scissors or a craft knife/Exacto knife
*any paper elements you like sourced from magazines/books/commercial paper/gelli prints etc
*an obsolete credit card or similar to use for smoothing elements down

Feel free to bring any other supplies that you might use to add colour to monochrome text or images such as acrylics, pastels, markets, washi tapes, colour pencils. A mixed selection of tools and extras will be available for use during the workshop.



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