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Free, online resources


Check out a whole host of reading materials for free!

Live Borders’ libraries provide free access for all library members to a range of materials and resources in an electronic format.

You only need your library card and PIN to be able to access these resources

CLICK HERE to access our eLibrary!

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Don’t miss out on our free resources:

  • BorrowBox  for eAudiobooks and eBooks
  • RB Digital for eAudiobooks, eBooks and eMagazines
  • eResources for educational and informative websites
  • eLearning materials which are available for a range of technologies

Please note: Due to increased demand, the library service has reduced the amount of ebooks one user can borrow at a time.  Users can borrow up to two eAduiobooks and 2 eBooks at one time.  Thank you for your understanding during this time.