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Our libraries

Details of all the expanded opening hours are now detailed on the individual library pages.

Service requirements will be closely monitored and where achievable and sustainable the reopening and extension of services will be accelerated.

Visitors will have the opportunity to browse and borrow books and access digital facilities including PCs and printers. Library visitors are no longer required to pre-book.

Live Borders Library services offer Connect & Collect, allowing members to search and order books online then collect them from their local library or the various pick up points across the Scottish Borders.

Scottish Borders Council have updated on the phased reopening of Library Contact Centres / Contact Centres. Details can be found HERE.

Members can also access the comprehensive eLibrary where we have eBooks and eAudiobooks available online. Our Digital library services also expand in September with the addition of Pressreader providing online access to 7,000+ newspapers and magazines available for users.

The Mobile Library service will continue to be available as an alternative to visiting a library, running on a two-week schedule.  This service allows our rural members the opportunity to browse, borrow or return books.

Library Services are also supporting the Walking for Wellbeing monthly walks which provide a familiar and supportive environment for people to participate and develop community wellbeing.

Please note that Live Border Libraries do not handle enquiries regarding bus passes, please contact Scottish Borders Council.

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