Border Hockey Junior Development Centres (JDCs)

The centres provide regular training sessions where players will receive coaching on the core skills of hockey from appropriately qualified coaches.
The combination of training for fitness and developing core skills required for the current game, played on artificial surfaces allows players to develop in a variety of situations and ensures that they are assessed over the whole programme in more than just the competition environment.
Players will attend whichever JDC is closest to where they live initially, however the final squad will train at Tweedbank, the Regional Hockey Centre, which provides the best playing surface.
Is there a cost to attend a JDC
A fee will be charged for attending training sessions.  This is to cover the cost of the facility and pay the coach.  Kit is also available to purchase.

Which Age Group?
Birth Year 2012 JDCs 2013 JDCs 2014 JDCs
1998 Under 15s Under 16s Under 17s
1999 Under 14s Under 15s Under 16s
2000 Under 13s Under 14s Under 15s
2001   Under 13s Under 14s