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ELC consultation - thank you for your feedback

Almost two hundred users of Eyemouth Leisure Centre responded to a call to provide feedback on the Centre and the facilities and services they would like to see it provide.

Borders Sport and Leisure, who manage the Leisure Centre, invited customers to provide their views via a combination of an online questionnaire and face-to-face consultation sessions.

Ewan Jackson, Chief Executive of Borders Sport and Leisure said: “It is really valuable for us to gain information from the Leisure Centre users on the services provided.  What has become very clear is that we benefit from a loyal customer base who really value the centre as a community resource.  The feedback highlighted both things we do well, including the friendliness of our staff and high quality of our swimming lessons and fitness class instruction, and the areas where improvements could be made.  It would be brilliant to be in a position to be able implement all of the suggestions but some would require funding that we do not have available.  We did however receive many ideas that we will be able to act upon.”

Key areas highlighted through the exercise included customers’ desire to have more input into the timetable at the centre, additional access to the swimming pool and improvements to the changing facilities.

Ewan Jackson continued: ”We plan to launch a new tool to enable customers to engage with us on the timetable, and to put up a customer notice board in the Centre detailing all essential information. We also plan to pilot a scheme to introduce additional “bookable” pool sessions at times of the day when people may want to swim but where at present numbers are too low to make it viable to open the pool. By having a booking system for these times, we can ensure enough people plan to come to make opening the pool possible.

A number of users highlighted that our changing facilities are in need of improvement. This is something we would like to be in a position to do and we will be looking at our budgets to try and make this possible. I would like to thank all the customers who took the time to complete our questionnaire or attend one of the consultation sessions.  It is much appreciated. I would also like to thank them for their praise of our centre staff who will continue to work hard to provide the best service they can.”