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Join us for £1

On National Fitness Day held on 25 September people all over the UK were encouraged to take their first steps into a healthier and more active lifestyle.

To celebrate the day Live Borders launched a ‘Join for £1’ campaign, offering people in the Borders the chance to sign up to various health and fitness membership schemes for just £1 for the first month.

Taking up the ‘Join for £1’ offer means you will make a significant saving when joining Live Borders gyms, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and fitness classes at a choice of leisure centres across the region.

And what a difference exercise can make; Teviotdale Leisure Centre member, Fiona Pickering told us how she has transformed her life for the better over the last 15 months. The 22-year-old has lost an incredible 30kg.

She told us, “I started my weight loss journey June 2018 to better my mental health. Having very little energy, motivation, confidence and self-love, I felt ready to better myself.”

After consulting with her doctor, Fiona decided to join the gym and made an appointment with Steph at the Teviotdale Leisure Centre.

Since then she has been a regular in the gym, but also taking steps to improve her wellbeing away from Teviotdale.

“With regular weight and measurements checks Steph and I would change up my programme so I could push myself a little more each time,” Fiona said.

“I also starting a running group with a friend, we couldn’t even run 30 seconds to start with; 12 weeks later we ran 5km and now we can run over 10km.

“Being a lot more active and looking after myself has made me more motivated and confident – even though I’ve got a fair way to go but I can notice the changes.”

Fiona’s weight loss journey has come with its challenges, some coming from within.

“The hardest part about my journey so far has been being too hard on myself, expecting amazing results in no time and beating myself up about things I should be proud of.

“Now I realise, I’m doing all this for myself, to better my mental and physical health and what I do is enough. It is about being in control of my own life.

“On days when I really struggled, I do things I enjoy, like walking and swimming or just have a friend over and cook a healthy brunch.

“I can’t get use to the idea that I’ve lost 30kg – it just sounds crazy hearing that, but it makes me realise how far I’ve actually come.

“It’s fair to say I am proud of myself. It is not just my body I have changed it is my lifestyle and my mind.”

Fiona remembers the moment that she made those first steps to her healthier lifestyle well.

“A saying I go by is, ‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great’.

“Making the first step is the hardest; if you can do that you can do anything.

“Find things that you enjoy, try new things, and just have fun with it. Exercise can be really fun and rewarding. Don’t worry about anyone else and focus on your goals.”

Steph Common from Teviotdale Leisure Centre says that Fiona has been a pleasure to work with.

“The first day Fiona walked in, she was nervous and definitely didn’t believe in herself. We started off slowly with programmes that Fiona could do in her own time,” Steph said.

“We spoke about food and changes she could make to her diet, opting in for a healthier lifestyle.

“As a charity, Live Borders aims to help members of the community feel healthier, happier and stronger. Fiona has shown how joining one of our gyms – and putting in the work – can make you feel all three!”

To find out more about the Join for £1 offer, CLICK HERE or visit your local Live Borders leisure centre or swimming pool. The offer runs through to 8 October.

Live Borders is a charity. Every penny you spend with us is reinvested into supporting active, creative and healthy communities in the Scottish Borders.