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We have put new hygiene measures in place  in line with Coronavirus regulations.

Fitness Classes @ Studio

Monday Tuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday
17:30-18:15 Lift06:15-07:00 Spin09:00-09:45 Low Impact HIIT06:15-07:00 Spin09:00-09:45 HIIT
18:30-19:15 Legs, Bums & Tums09:00-09:45 Zumba 17:30-18:15 Rize (Step class)09:00-09:45 Zumba17:00-17:45 Body Burn
 19:30-20:15 Legs, Bums & Tums10:00-10:45 Spin18:30-19:15 Rize (Step class)18:00-18:45 Zumba 18:00-18:45 Body Burn
17:30-18:15 Shift19:30-20:15 Body Burn19:00-19:45 Spin
18:30-19:15 Shift20:00-20:45 Spin
19:30-20:15 Spin

Festive Opening Times
Sunday 20 December – Wednesday 6 January

Festive Opening Times
Sunday 20 December – Wednesday 6 January

DateSwimming PoolFitness ClassGym
Sun 20 DecLane Swim09:00-10:0509:15-14:00
 Family Swim10:20-14:20
Mon 21 DecFamily Swim11:30-14:10Metafit17:30-18:0011:30-20:45
 Learn to Swim15:40-18:00LBT18:15-19:00
 Swim Club18:00-21:00
Tue 22 DecLane Swim07:00-09:25Spin06:15-07:0006:30-10:00
Wed 23 DecLane Swim07:00-09:25Metafit09:00-09:4506:30-10:00
 Family Swim13:05-15:30Rize17:30-18:1513:00-20:00
 Lane Swim17:00-18:05Rize18:30-19:15
Thur 24 DecSpin06:15-07:00
 Body Burn09:00-09:45
25/26 DecClosed
Sun 27 DecLane Swim09:00-10:05Body Burn Special10:00-10:4509:15-14:00
 Family Swim10:20-14:20
Mon 28 DecFamily Swim11:30-14:10Boogie Bounce09:00-09:4511:30-20:45
 Learn to Swim15:40-18:00Spin17:30-18:15
 Swim Club18:00-21:00
Tue 29 DecLane Swim07:00-09:25Zumba09:00-09:4506:30-10:00
Wed 30 DecLane Swim07:00-09:25Metafit09:00-09:3006:30-10:00
 Family Swim13:05-15:30Spin17:30-18:1514:00-20:30
 Lane Swim/Junior17:10-18:15
Thu 31 JanLane swim09:00-11:4509:00-12:30
Sun 3 JanLane Swim09:00-10:05Spin09:00-09:4509:15-14:00
 Family Swim10:20-14:20
Mon 4 JanLearn to Swim15:40-18:00R1ze09:00-09:4517:15-20:45
 Swim Club18:00-21:00Metafit17:30-18:00
 Boogie Bounce19:15-20:00
Tues 5 JanLane Swim07:00-09:30Spin06:15-07:0006:30-10:00
 Adult & Child10:00-10:30Zumba09:00-09:45
Wed 6 JanLane Swim07:00-09:25Body Burn06:15-07:0006:30-10:00
Lane Swim17:10-18:15M1ND09:00-09:4517:00-20:30

CLICK HERE for more information on how to book your swim, gym or fitness classes.

The Eyemouth Studio, located in the Acredale Industrial Estate, runs popular classes seven days a week, ranging from spin sessions, boogie bounce, a range of strength based classes and much more.

The friendly and helpful instructors are on hand to work with people of all ages and abilities to reach their fitness goals.

For all fitness classes at this facility click HERE.

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Unit 3 Acredale industrial estate

TD14 5LQ

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