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Library fun this Summer!

Library Summer Events

The Library service  have some great events planned  during the holidays to run alongside our Summer Reading Challenge ‘Ready Steady Read.’ Please ask at your local library about taking part.

We are excited to announce that we have booked some fun and interactive sessions the Light Lab Project to explore and find out all about light.

UV Drawing Room & Colour Shadows

Try out UV drawing and create amazing glowing pictures using ultra violet torches and special templates.  You’ll discover amazing facts about UV light while you doodle across the light sensitive tables!  Find out how to mix Red, Green, and Blue torch light together to make white light then create awesome colour shadow images using a variety of templates and objects.  Age 5 upwards

Galashiels LibraryWednesday 12 July13:00 – 15:00
(drop in session)
Age 5+
Hawick LibraryThursday  13  July13:00 – 15:00
(drop in session)
Age 5+
Duns Library Contact CentreTuesday 1 August13:00 – 15:00
(drop in session)
Age 5+


“Shiny Science”  – Workshop 1 hour

Discover the science of mirrors and lenses through a series of inspiring hands-on experiments. Use prisms and torches to split white light into the full colour spectrum. Draw with ultra-violet torches on light sensitive paper and use templates to transfer photographs into amazing photo-luminescent images. The workshop allows for the excitement of personal discovery through a series of well-resourced, hands-on experiments. Age 7-11 years.

Galashiels LibraryFriday 4 August11:00 – 12:00To book a place email libgalashiels@liveborders1.org.uk
Galashiels LibraryFriday 4  August14:00 – 15:00libgalashiels@liveborders1.org.uk
Peebles Library Museum and GalleryTuesday 8 August11:00 – 12:00libpeebles@liveborders1.org.uk
Peebles Library, Museum and GalleryTuesday 8 August14:00 – 15:00libpeebles@liveborders1.org.uk
Hawick LibraryFriday 11 August11:00 – 12:00libhawick@liveborders1.org.uk
Hawick LibraryFriday 11 August14:00 – 15:00libhawick@liveborders1.org.uk

Eyemouth Library

The Union Team bridge team will be at the Library to deliver a story time and make a straw rocket activity for under 7 year olds

Eyemouth LibraryFriday 7 July14:00No Booking required

Herring Queen Festival craft session. Drop into the library to make something crafty to celebrate the festival.

Eyemouth LibraryFriday 28 July14:00 – 16:00Drop in session

DUPLO SESSIONS up to 5 years old

Hawick LibraryFriday 7 July10:00 – 11:00To book email
Galashiels LibraryWednesday 19 July10:30 – 11:30libgalashiels@liveborders1.org.uk
Hawick LibraryFriday 4 August10:00 – 11:00libhawick@liveborders1.org.uk


Hawick LibraryFriday 7  July14:00 – 15:00To book email
Eyemouth LibraryFriday 14 July14:00 – 16:00No booking required
Peebles Library, Museum and GalleryMonday 17 July13:30 – 14:30libpeebles@livebordes1.org.uk
Peebles Library , Museum and GalleryMonday 24 July13:30 – 14:30libpeebles@liveborders1.org.uk
Galashiels LibraryWednesday 26 July10:30 – 11:30libgalashiels@liveborders1.org.uk
Peebles Library, Museum and GalleryMonday 31 July13:30 – 14:30libpeebles@liveborders1.org.uk
Hawick LibraryFriday 4 August14:00 – 15:00libhawick@liveborders1.org.uk
Galashiels LibraryWednesday 9 August10:30-11:30libgalashiels@liveborders1.org.uk
Eyemouth LibraryFriday 11 August14:00 – 16:00No booking required
Hawick LibraryMonday 7- Friday 11 August.During library opening timesDrop in sessions just call in. Duplo and Lego available all week.

For all Library events children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Drop in crafts available at Hawick, Peebles, and Galashiels Libraries throughout the summer holidays.