Fun, social activities

Active ageing

As an older adult, one of the most important things you can do for your health is exercise. Bearing in mind, some exercise is better than nothing. The more exercise and physical activity you do the greater the health benefits, and adding in a variety of different activities, such as strength, mobility and cardiovascular exercise is key for all round good health.

10 Benefits of being physically active as you age:

– Improved mood and self-esteem
– Less muscle pain
– Lower risk of illness, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
– Maintain your strength and balance
– More energy
– Reduced risk of falling
– Having fun and socialising
– Maintains independant living
– Can reduce the risks of certain types of dementia
-Improves bone density

We have a programme of fun, social activities to help you stay active, healthy and age well. Classes are based on your physical ability level so there is always an activity you can take part in.

Our Active Aging programme is open to all, you do not need a referral to take part in any of these classes or groups. Come and have a go and find the class that suits you.

Seated Fitness

A more accessible exercise class for those with additional mobility issues. All exercises can be performed from a seated or standing position.

Functional Fitness

A low impact exercise class that will support your everyday life with options to meet varying fitness levels and abilities.

Silver Spinners

A gentle aerobic-based indoor cycling class that helps to improve cardiovascular endurance. You can take this class at your own effort level and lasts for around 30 minutes.

For more information please contact our Health & Physical Activity Development Officer, Jen Knox on email: 

For the Health Conditions class timetable CLICK HERE.