Learn to Swim Programme

Learning to swim is a milestone for all children - Join us for the journey

Our Learn to Swim programme offers classes for children of every age, irrespective of their ability and is aligned with Scottish Swimming's award scheme, with eight levels to work through. The programme criteria can take a child who has never been in the water before and guide them through the early stages, up to working with those who can swim but would like to develop strength and technique.

See the Downloads section for more information on our levels and lesson criteria.

Our lessons
Lessons are offered at all six of our swimming pools 5 days a week with some offering lessons at the weekend too. The programme runs for 50 weeks of the year with children taking part in one 30 minute lesson per week. Lessons are available on various days and times, starting just after school Monday to Friday - making it easy to juggle the after-school diaries!

Contact your local centre or download the centre’s pool timetable for more information.

It is essential that your child is placed into the appropriate class according to their ability. Before they can join the programme, they will undertake a free swimming assessment to determine which class would best suit them. This can be arranged by contacting your nearest Borders Sport and Leisure swimming pool (see the Available at... box for full contact details).

Payment methods
There are two ways you can make payment for swimming lessons.

  • You can opt to pay a monthly direct debit where you will receive two free lessons per year*, free public swimming for your child, access to Learn 2 Home Portal and the ability to secure your place month on month. 
  • You can pay for a block of 10 lessons.

Progress, feedback and certificates
We understand you would like regular updates on how your child is progressing. Our online home portal allows you to track your child’s progress through lessons at any time from our own home.Click here to view your childs' progress on the Learn 2 Home Portal

See the Downloads section for information on how to register to the Learn 2 Home Portal.


*Free lessons apply should the facilty be fully operational for 50 weeks of the year