Swimming for different ages

The Early Years Programe has 3 levels, each with its own clearly defined objectives. These are available across all our pools.

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Adult and Baby

This is a fantastic way to introduce babies to an aquatic environment. The class teaches safe handling skills of babies in the water through the use of nursery rhymes and games, building the confidence of both the baby and parent in a fun and friendly environment. For babies aged up to 1 year.

Adult and Toddler

Adult and Toddler classes build upon skills already learned through Adult and Baby classes, however it is not necessary to have attended Adult and Baby. This class focuses on the development of basic motor skills and independent swimming movements, through fun and games. For Toddlers aged 1-2 years.

Adult and Child

This introduces the basic core aquatic submersion and aquatic breathing skills. The child will be encouraged to travel independently in water in preparation for pre-school classes. The support of the adult is available for added encouragement and confidence. For children aged 2-3 years.


This is the first opportunity for children to experience full independence in the pool. The emphasis is on having fun in the water through the use of games and imagination and is specific to their age and stage of development. Through play, children will learn the core aquatic skills that are essential for a smooth progression through the Learn 2 Swim levels. For children aged 3-4½ years.

Swim Skills 1-4

The core of our Learn 2 Swim programme is broken down into 4 sections:

  • SS1 – Further development of water confidence and developing core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids
  • SS2 – To increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke techniques
  • SS3 – Introduce more advanced techniques in all 4 competitive strokes. Introduce personal survival skills
  • SS4 – Improve the quality of the strokes by developing stroke efficiency. Introduce multi aquatic skills/disciplines and introduce lifesaving skills.

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Club ready/ready for life long participation

Improve and maintain stroke technique over distance and develop basic training. Encourage lifelong participation in physical activity.

Rookie lifeguard

Affiliated with RLSS and is available to children aged 8-15 years.

As a Rookie, kids will learn special lifesaving skills to help save themselves and know what to do if others get into difficulty in the water. As well as offering parents the comfort of knowing your children are aware of the dangers of swimming in our pools, children will develop a solid safety education, and will learn rescue and resuscitation techniques

Adult lessons/adult coaching

It is never too late to learn to swim. Our adult lessons introduce a range of aquatic skills and stroke technique to help you achieve your goals. Perfect for those who are looking to get involved in swimming for the first time or just want to build confidence around water.

Basic water confidence/beginners

Primarily focussed on water confidence, relaxation, streamlining and floating as an introduction to the Core Aquatic Skills, including Aquatic breathing.

Adult improver/ stroke development

Develops Core Aquatic skills and improves stroke technique.

Skills and drills

Improve and maintain stroke technique over distance. Learn Lane discipline and how to use training equipment.

Please be aware that children under the age of 8 must be supervised by a parent/guardian/responsible adult whilst using Live Borders’ facilities.