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Tracking your workout is effortless, with the most accurate and versatile device available.

MyZone belts can now be purchased at competitive prices from the Kelso Swimming Pool, Teviotdale Leisure Centre and TriFitness.

Getting fit and active isn’t always the easiest of tasks, however, one thing is definite – reward and recognition for hard work always helps. MyZone wearables do exactly this, rewarding you for the amount of EFFORT you put in.

MyZone tracks every ounce of effort you put into exercise by the beat of your heart. This data is then used in a very simple point system, called MEPS (MyZone Effort Points), to give users a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Wrist based devices simply aren’t accurate enough for non-rhythmic based movements, however, MyZone is 99.4% accurate. This means you are rewarded for all of your hard work.

The MyZone smartphone app then stores that data in the form of a logbook. This helps you set and attain goals. In order to enhance the sense of satisfaction, the platform also enables you to compete with friends and to communicate for fun and encouragement. This can all be synchronized effortlessly with a third party smart phone and smart watch apps as well as Apple health.

MyZone gives real time feedback during each workout to encourage effort in the moment via in-gym monitors or your smartphone.

For more information, speak to our teams at Kelso Swimming Pool, Teviotdale Leisure Centre and TriFitness who will be happy to help.