Surfing online

Internet and computers

Computers can be accessed for free

We aim to provide free access to computers and the internet to help support the cultural, educational and recreational needs and aspirations of people living and working in the Scottish Borders.


Wireless access is available in all our libraries except Earlston.

What you can do when connected?

You will have the same internet access (eg email, internet browsing) as someone using a People’s Network. You can access the online reference materials including Credo Reference and SCRAN.

To connect:

– Select the Wifi network Lib-Guest
– Open a browser to connect to the internet
– You will be prompted to log in to the wireless network
– Tick to accept and agree to our Acceptable Use Policy
– If you are a member of the library service, use your existing Library card barcode and PIN as the username and password
– If you are a visitor, you can complete a guest user membership form and will be given a username and PIN valid for the day or join as a Visitor for a longer period.

Remember – your Apps will not work until you have opened a browser session and logged onto the network.

Public access computers

These are available in all our libraries with free internet access. They are available to all library members and there is no age restriction. Under 16s must get a parent or a guardian to sign the library membership form and select the level of internet access to be permitted. If you are not a member of the library, you will need to join or register as a guest member. Please bring along ID and we will register you; computer access will be available as soon as you are registered.

What’s available on the computers?

– All-in-one PC with slim, 23-inch touch screens
– Windows 8.1
– Microsoft Office 2013 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc
– Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome are available and can be used to access our free eLibrary resources
– Image editing software – GIMP2
– VCL Player – to play DVDs and CDs
– Security software re-sets the PC and deletes all changes and saved information when you log out
– File locator for searching PDFs
– WW1 newspapers

Your session

You will receive an on-screen warning 10 minutes before your session is due to end. Ask staff to extend your booking if you need more time. Print or save any files you need as anything saved to the computer will be lost when your session ends.

Help with library computers
If you are new to computing we offer free basic computer courses. If you don’t want to wait for a training course there is a basic computing demonstration available online to help you get started.

Assistive technology

If you need help using the mouse or keyboard, or with reading, writing or seeing the screen, we have various accessibility items that could help.

Acceptable Use Policy

All users must agree to our Acceptable Use Policy before they can use the computers or the wireless network. Brief details are displayed on the PN computer screens. The full version is available for download or can be viewed in the library

We filter illegal and highly offensive sites and additional filtering is applied to all junior access on PN computers. Adult filtering levels apply to the wireless network. We do not prohibit specific online activities except those which are considered to be illegal, offensive, obscene, abusive or troublesome to other library users.

The categories that are blocked for everyone are Internet Watch Foundation categories (illegal sites, child pornography, and criminally obscene or racist sites); gambling; militancy and extremism; sex and nudity; violence.

Library users must respect the privacy of other users, and refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by others. You must end your computer or wireless session if asked to do so by library staff. If a site is accessed that you think is offensive please tell library staff and we will investigate.

For further information:

Library Headquarters
St Mary’s Mill
Level Crossing Road

Tel: 01750 726 400
Fax: 01750 22875