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Community Involvement

Live Borders Community Partner

Are you a local business with community at heart? Partner with Live Borders and help make our communities healthier, happier and stronger.

CLICK HERE to learn more and become a Community Partner.


Asda, Galashiels

Supported by Asda Galashiels Community Champion, Nola Milne, we have taken our community fundraising initiative Pay It Forward to the Galashiels store. It’s a valuable community engagement opportunity, the Galashiels community donate helping support people in need, in their town, to access Live Borders Services and provides a platform for collecting valuable customer feedback.

Look out for us popping-up in store in the future.


Three Hills Coffee

Selkirk Coffee Shop, Three Hills Coffee with their dedicated team of coffee professionals are suppliers of coffee to Stitcher’s café located in The Great Tapestry of Scotland. Stitcher’s prides itself on supporting locally sourced produce. Three Hills Coffee donate a percentage of the cost of the coffee Stitcher’s purchase from them and donate it to Live Borders to be used to support charitable initiatives, which include supporting people in the community to access Live Borders services.

Next time you enjoy a coffee in Stitcher’s you will be helping make a positive impact on your community. If you would like to donate and increase your impact on community support- CLICK HERE.